Movie Themes & Musicals

Favorite themes from movies and musicals:

  • All I Ask of You*–A.L.Webber, Phantom of the Opera
  • Ashokan Farewell–J. Ungar, The Civil War
  • Anywhere the Heart Goes–H. Mancini, The Thorn Birds
  • A Time for Us–Nino Rota, Romeo and Juliet
  • A Whole New World–A. Menken/T. Rice, Aladdin
  • Beauty and the Beast–H. Ashman/A. Menken, Beauty and the Beast
  • Candle on the Water–A. Kasha/J. Hirschhorn, Pete’s Dragon
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight–E. John, T. Rice, The Lion King
  • Eidelwiess–Rogers/Hammerstein, Sound of Music
  • Memory–A.L. Webber, Cats

* Harp and Flute Recording and Arranging by Melanie Podley (harp) and David C. Freeman (flute).